Minutes of the Leaders of Prayer Committee

January 21, 2010


Parish Library


1.     Attendance:  Nan Olin (Worship Commission Chair), Colleen Booth (Representative to Worship Commission), Mary Ellen Netter, Julie Husak, Ron Leinweber, Marge Dilley, Sharon Eusebi, and Sr. Barb Rund


2.    Meeting opened with a prayer and a warm welcome by Nan Olin.


3.    Update from all the Prayer Groups:

                 a.    Adoration, 1st Tuesday (Mary Ellen Netter):

          i.        Feb. 25, Lenten Day of Prayer after the 6:10am Mass

           until 7pm Benediction.

    ii.        Letter of invitation has been prepared to all new members of the

           parish, Sr. Barb will send out as an email.

     iii.        Mar. 1 Fr. George is unable to do the Adult Ed session.  Mary Ellen

           will ask Fr. Charlie for a date in April or May.

     iv.        A special sign has been made for the Gathering Space reminding

           people of the 1st Tuesday Adoration.


                 b.    Care of the Sick, Nursing Home (Toni Najor): no report


                c.    Care of the Sick, Friday Morning (Mary Allen): no report


                d.    Christian Meditation (Ron Leinweber):

                                                         i.        Ron presented material for the US Catholic Catechism for Adults

                                   on: Guides for prayer, Contemplative Prayer, and Meditation.

                                                        ii.        He was concerned that his article did not get into the bulletin.  Sr.

                                   Barb will speak to Mary Straffon.


                e.     Funeral Vigil Ministers (Colleen Booth):


                                                         i.        Colleen has contacted all funeral ministers to see where they are

                                   with their training.

                                                      ii.        The Funeral Ministers have been doing a wonderful job.

                                                     iii.        There is a need to have a presentation on Funerals: preparing for,

                                   the importance of the Vigil, etc.  Perhaps use the booklet, “Now

                                   and at the hour of our death.”


                f.         Holy Hour for Vocations (Toni Najor): no report


                g.        Light of God (Marge Dilley):


                               i.         Approximately 15-10 people attending.

                              ii.        Meeting for about 31 years.

                                                           iii.        They have a prayer box for petitions.  There have been profound

                                     answers to our prayer.

                                                           iv.        The group would like a special Mass with Fr. Tony.  They will

                                     contact him.


                h.            Moms In Touch (Sharon Eusebi):

                                                              i.          Approximately 8 moms are meeting after Mass on Wednesday

                                      mornings at 9:30 a.m.

                                                             ii.        The focus is praying for children.

                                                           iii.        Structure:  read scripture, thank God, pray to God, say what you

                                      are thankful for, pray for each child, lift each child up to God, pray

                                      for administrators, teachers and staff at schools.


                 i.           Novena to Our Mother of Perpetual Help (Julie Husak):

                                                                   i.     People has responded very well to the Novena.

                                                                 ii.    The Divine Mercy Rosary has been added.

                                                               iii.    An article is needed in the paper explaining what a Novena is.

                                                               iv.     Is it possible for the priests to speak about devotions and the

                                      importance of prayer?  = Colleen will discuss at the Worship



                 j.      Rosary After Mass (Rose Marie Robinson): no report



4.    Budget 2010-2011:  Please let Sr. Barb know if you have budget needs for

     next year.


5.    Articles for the Bulletin:  Each group is encouraged to submit articles for the

     Bulletin.  These need to be approved by Nan.


6.    Thank you Nan for the delicious cookies.


7.    Next Meeting (Fall-Sept. 23, Winter-Jan. 21, Spring-May 6):

      a.    Date:  May 6, 2010

      b.    Time:  7-8:30pm

      c.    Place:  Parish Office Conference Room

      d.    Agenda:

                     i.    Update from all the Prayer Groups

                      1.        Adoration, 1st Tuesday (Mary Ellen Netter):

                      2.        Care of the Sick, Nursing Home (Toni Najor):

                      3.        Care of the Sick, Friday Morning (Mary Allen):

                      4.        Christian Meditation (Ron Leinweber):

                      5.        Funeral Vigil Ministers (Colleen Booth):

                      6.        Holy Hour for Vocations (Toni Najor):

                      7.        Light of God (Marge Dilley):

                      8.        Moms In Touch (Sharon Eusebi, Sandy Reso):

                      9.        Novena to Our Mother of Perpetual Help (Julie Husak):

                    10.    Rosary After Mass (Rose Marie Robinson):

                    11.    Teams of Our Lady (Dalia Dimock):

        ii.    set future meeting dates for next Fall, Winter, Spring