Vision Statement

St. Hugo of the Hills Church

Adult Faith Formation Vision Statement July 2007- June 2012


St. Hugo Parish will be a welcoming place which adult parishioners of all ages will regard as a primary source of their continuing faith education and “life-long formation.”  St. Hugo Parish will make Adult Faith Formation a priority, and the pastor will designate a staff person to advocate on behalf of this ministry. The Parish will be the place where adults will:


          a.  want to continue their faith education,

          b.  feel comfortable exploring their faith.


From these encounters, the adults will be inspired and compelled to:


          a.  live their faith and imitate Christ,

          b.  teach and evangelize.


The Parish will provide programs for adults to grow and mature in the six dimensions of faith formation as identified in the Statement of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, “Our Hearts Were Burning Within Us,” i.e. knowledge, liturgical life, moral formation, prayer, communal life, and missionary spirit.*


We will involve at least 25%** of the adult members of our parish in some form of active faith formation other than/in addition to their attendance at Mass.


Our Parish will have at least one Weekend Mass that will have a “Sunday Study” opportunity.   Parishioners will attend the “Sunday Study” and then proceed to Mass.


Our parish will be involved in Adult Faith Formation opportunities offered in conjunction with other members of our Vicariate and there will be increased Vicariate-wide planning of such opportunities.  In addition, parishioners will be advised about all Archdiocesan educational opportunities.


Our parish will make extensive use of the internet, e-mail and all current technologies to offer Adult Faith Formation opportunities to all adult members of the Parish.


*United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  Department of Education. Our Hearts Were Burning Within Us. Washington, D.C.: 2000.


** Year 2007-2008 = 2500 participants