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Did you ever wonder about Mass intentions?  The Council of Trent states "that Mass may be offered for the living and the dead."  Since Vatican II, Mass intentions are seen as a way for the living to pray for the living and the dead, and to honor the memory of the dead at the Eucharist.

At St. Hugo of the Hills Parish, we pray for those who have died, for those living, and for specific groups like the Souls in Purgatory or for vocations to the priesthood and religious life.  Mass intentions are not permitted for groups that may be political in nature, or any specific immoral cause.

Some parishes require a specific offering for a Mass intention.  However, at St. Hugo's we do not require a specific offering for a Mass intention, instead we ask for a donation.  In this way, we are able to accommodate the requests of our parishioners and permit more than one intention at each St. Hugo's Mass.  The donation (usually $10) that is made is sent to a missionary who celebrates a second Mass for the particular intention requested (in addition to the Mass celebrated here at St. Hugo's.).

Mass cards are available in the Parish Office during normal office hours.



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