Finance Council

The Finance Council is required in every parish. The Finance Council is an essential consultative body of the parish that “assists the pastor in the administration of the good” of the parish (Canon 537). The Finance Council facilitates the means for pastoral priorities and planning; monitors and maintains parish goods; and communicates with the Parish Pastoral Council on prioritizing resources to mission. Members of the Finance Council are appointed in writing by the pastor for specific terms of two to four years, renewable up to two times at the pastor’s discretion. 

Any officer (chair, vice-chair or secretary) of the Parish Pastoral Council may attend the Finance Council meetings. The chairperson (or his/her designated Finance Council member) will attend all Parish Pastoral Council meetings and provide written reports about the Finance Council activity.


Finance Council Membership List


Non-Voting Members

Rev. Mark Brauer Pastor
Rev. Adam Nowak Associate Pastor 

Voting Members

Kevin Fanning Chairperson
TBD Vice-Chairperson
TBD Secretary
John Ball  
Christopher D’Angelo  
Laura Kerby  
Carol Litka  
Michael McInerney  
Kevin Kindt  
Stephanie Redman Human Resources Chairperson
Joseph Toupin  

Non-Voting Consultants

Michelle Diaz Parish Business Manager - Staff Liaison
Sr. Barbara Rund, OP Pastorial Associate
Joseph Vincler Principal
Maria Hewson Stewardship Commision Representative




The Finance Council assists the pastor in the proper administration of the finances and material assets of the parish, especially in regard to any strategic planning brought forth by the Parish Pastoral Council.



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