New Columbarium Policy


We have instituted a new cleanup procedure for the St. Hugo Columbarium and we will be removing all wilted / old flowers on a weekly basis (typically each Thursday).  If the flowers were placed in a permanent pot or vase these items will be retained and stored in the St. Hugo maintenance garage.  Family members should call or come by the office to make arrangements to meet with maintenance to pick up these items  Please call the parish office  at 248-644-5460 if you have questions.


We thank everyone for their continued efforts in keeping the columbarium reverent and tidy. 


The Columbarium is majestically blended into the hillside overlooked by the stone Chapel. It is an arrangement of niches into which an urn containing cremated remains is permanently placed. Within the garden the niches are connected by walkways and surrounded by elegant gardens and landscaping. Benches and warm surrounding convey dignity, respect, and make visits more meaningful.

Peace of Mind

Preplanning burial niches in the St. Hugo Hillside Columbarium Garden will assure loved ones that you are at peace with your eternal resting place. Instead of being faced with uncertainty those dearest to you will be comforted in knowing your wishes have been fulfilled. Within the beautiful setting of St. Hugo of the Hills, the exquisitely landscaped Hillside Columbarium Garden is a peaceful haven for family members to reflect on the lives of loved ones.

Memorial Arrangements

Arrangements for the purchase of a niche are made through the Business Manager’s office. When possible this should be done well in advance of need so that your decisions may be made more comfortably, prior to the time of bereavement.


The services of a funeral director will be necessary since Michigan law is restrictive in certain areas. Cremation may be provided at a number of crematories in the area. A simple urn of permanent material is required, and this cost is not included in the purchase price of a niche.


Actual inurnment of the ashes in the niche will take place immediately after the funeral Mass or in private on another day.  It will be conducted by a priest, deacon or pastoral associate and assisted by the St Hugo staff. A date for a niche side service should be arranged with the Parish office.

Memorial Identification

The name or names of the interned will be shown on the niche front with bronze letters. This will include the family (last) name, first name and middle initial, year of birth, and year of death. To maintain a dignified memorial appearance, more extensive lettering or information cannot be accommodated.


St. Hugo of the Hills Parish is responsible for the maintenance of the columbarium. Only fresh floral displays are permitted provided they are not affixed to the niche.



A niche dimension is 11 x 11 x 17 deep. Please keep in mind, if you purchase a companion niche (2 urns) you will need to make sure both urns fit into this 11 x 11 x 17 space. Please contact Stephanie Spinale at if you have any questions about appropriate urn sizing.

The current columbarium niche pricing, which has been in effect since September 2002 is: 

Phase I 
$3,000 for an individual niche
$4,000 for a companion niche 

(Phase I is Sold Out)

Phase II
$4,000 for an individual niche
$5,000 for a companion niche 

Tax Advantages

A portion of each niche purchase may be considered tax deductible.  Please discuss with your tax consultant.