Altar Servers

If you attended the March 18 or March 25 training session, please fill out the registration form so we can add you to the next schedule. Thank you for volunteeting to serve at St. Hugo of the Hills!

Students, 5th through 8th grades, assist the priest in offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass on weekends. 4th graders assist at the School Masses.

Some tasks include carrying candles during the procession and proclamation of the Gospel, holding prayer books for the celebrant and ceremonial washing of the celebrant's hands.

You and your child pick the Mass times which he or she would assist and how many times each month they would serve. Family time away from home is accommodated in the server's schedule.  We'll get you on the schedule!  We will work around dates that you are not available, so do not worry about that.


If you have any questions, please email Mason Brown.



Contacts:  Fr. Mario Amore, Mr. Phil Dailey, Mr. Mason Brown