Planning Your Wedding


Along with the paperwork, preparations, meetings and classes outlined in our wedding brochure, there is an additional very important step to ensure that you have a secure place in another of our wedding calendars.   All details with regard to music must be arranged through our Music Department.  Please set up a meeting with the Music Director at least two months ahead of your wedding to select your music.  To set up this appointment, please email Mitchell Garcia, Music Director, at

Please visit our Wedding Music page for full details regarding wedding music and to hear music selections.

Fee Schedule for Music:

Organist:                                $300

Cantor:                                   $200

Additional instruments:       $200 per musician

Musician and cantor stipends are to be made payable to the individual.  Total payment for these fees are to be submitted when you bring in the marriage license.  This must be at least three days before the wedding.


You are welcome to record your wedding.  Photographers must know that they must work within the time framework allotted for each wedding.  Also, proper regard for the sacred space of the church and chapel must be observed.  Movements must be unobtrusive.  Flash may only be used during the processional and recessional.  At no time may photographers be in the sanctuary area (main altar), the balcony above the altar, or the aisles (with the exception of the processional for the aisles). We ask that you be respectful of the church and grounds. If there is a wedding following yours, the photographer may have to work quickly to vacate the church building.  You may use the grounds for additional pictures.  No supplemental lighting may be used.  Please have all photographers check in with the wedding sacristans before the ceremony.

Drones are not allowed anywhere on St. Hugo grounds (inside or outside) and are strictly prohibited.  


Please note that the Ring Bearer(s) will not carry the actual wedding rings.  You should plan for a pillow with imitation rings.  Flower girl(s) are not allowed to drop flower petals.


The marriage license may be obtained from the county in which you live in for Michigan residents.  If both parties are out-of-state residents, you must apply in the county you are going to be married (Oakland County).  Both the bride and groom-to-be are required to present certified copies of their birth certificates at the time of application.  The license expires 33 days from the date of application.  Please deliver all copies of the license along with the return envelope to the Parish Office no later than three (3) days before the wedding.  

PLEASE NOTE:  You will receive one copy (keepsake copy) of the license after the ceremony.  This is NOT a certified copy.  We will mail the other copy to the county for processing.  Approximately, two weeks after, you can then order online or pick up in person a certifed copy of your license from the county.  A certified copy is necessary for name changes, etc.  


We will arrange your rehearsal three to six months ahead of your wedding.   Rehearsals are scheduled at 4:00 or 5:30 pm one to two days prior to your wedding day.  The rehearsal is run by St. Hugo volunteers and generally last one to two hours.  Your rehearsal coordinator will contact you a week or so prior to your wedding to review your ceremony and answer any questions you may have.  The rehearsal coordinator will confirm choices from your Together for Life selection form, as well as ask you questions such as the names of bridesmaids and groomsmen, the order in which they will walk down the aisle, names of parents and grandparents, etc.  You should take time ahead to consider where certain family members will sit (parents, grandparents, special family or guests, etc). Parents will sit in the first row on each side, with the bridesmaids and groomsmen occupying the next rows on each side depending on the number.   Please be prompt for rehearsals


Two wedding sacristans (volunteers) take care of all of the sacramental details on your wedding day and will be present to assist you.  


Two hours of the day of your wedding are allotted for your celebration and your use of the church or chapel.  This includes the 30 minutes before, and the 30 minutes following your wedding.  This is a schedule that will be strictly adhered to in consideration of others.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Wedding Day and Time

Time Allotted

Friday 4:00 pm

  3:30  –  5:30 pm

Friday 6:00 pm

  5:30  –  7:30 pm

Saturday 12:00 noon

11:30 am – 1:30 pm

Saturday 2:00 pm

  1:30  –  3:30 pm

Saturday 4:00 pm

  3:30  –  5:30 pm


Plan to arrive promptly 30 minutes before the start of your wedding.  Bride and bridesmaids may gather in the downstairs crypt area prior to the ceremony.   The crypt area does not have a bathroom or place to dress.  A full-length mirror is located in the crypt for last-minute touches.  It is recommended that you arrive fully dressed and your makeup/hair is done prior to coming to the chapel. 

Please note that the mothers of the bride and groom will be seated five minutes before the start of your wedding time (music will be selected for this).

We are unable to accommodate receiving lines and suggest planning one at your reception site.


Because we believe our parishioners are good stewards and generous with their support of the parish, there is no fee for the use of the church or chapel for the wedding.  However, most couples wish to make a donation, and their generosity is appreciated.  Fees for the musicians are due to the Parish Office no later than 3 days before the wedding (may be dropped off at the same time as the marriage license).

Special acknowledgement may be given to the priest who has prepared you and will be the celebrant of your marriage. 


It is important to note that flowers may not be placed on the main altar.  If you have a unity candle arrangement, this is to be provided by the couple or florist and placed in the area designated by the sacristans on the day of your wedding.  In the chapel, the main aisle is 87 feet long and 5 feet wide.  A 100-foot runner may be used in the chapel, but is not mandatory.  No runner is to be used in the main church. 

For safety and care of the church and chapel, the throwing/dropping of anything including, but not limited to, flower petals, rice or birdseed is not allowed and may not be any part of your celebration. Blowing bubbles outside of the chapel is permitted.  Pew decorations can be tied or attached with special clamps only.  No tape is to be used.  Be sure to assign someone to remove decorations and bows immediately after your service is complete, in consideration for others that may follow you.





Guest Musicians and Vocalist Policy














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