Spotlight | Fr. Tim Wezner

Fr. Timothy Wezner has been our associate pastor for 2 years, arriving at St. Hugo in 2016.  As our associate pastor, Fr. Tim was responsible for assisting and cooperating with the pastor in exercising pastoral care, as well as overseeing the youth ministry and school activities.

Fr. Tim was born and raised in Sterling Heights, the middle of five kids.  His brothers, sister, and himself all went to St. Anne Catholic School in Warren through 8th grade, and Sterling Heights High School after that. Their lives seemed to revolve around the Church while growing up, and he was always very involved at the school and parish.  As he got into his 20’s he started visiting other parishes for various activities, and eventually Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Sterling Heights became his home parish.

Fr. Tim’s journey to the priesthood took several years, and a few twists and turns along the way.  He started thinking about becoming a priest when he was a little boy, and always talked about it while growing up.  He was considering going into the seminary after graduation from high school, but during his senior year he decided he wanted to take a break from school for a year or two.  So, after high school he got a couple jobs: during the week he worked at a radio station (first at WOMC, later moving to WJR), and on the weekends he worked at the Mariannhill Retreat Center in Dearborn Heights, helping to lead overnight youth and confirmation retreats.

What was supposed to be a year or two off became open-ended.  As he prayed, the time didn’t feel right to him. He loved what he was doing at both jobs, but he also kept praying about the priesthood, leaving himself open to whatever God was calling him to.  He still felt God wanted Him to be a priest, he just didn't know what kind, or when to move forward with it.  For a few years, Fr. Tim considered entering religious life, and he even lived full-time with the Mariannhill Fathers at their monastery while still working at the radio station (an unusual arrangement, to say the least).  But ultimately, Fr. Tim discerned away from that life and towards diocesan priesthood.

After a few years of working, the call to pursue this vocation grew stronger and stronger, and through prayer and spiritual direction from some great priests, he knew it was time to act and apply to be a seminarian for the Archdiocese of Detroit. Though he had originally thought he would only take a couple years off after high school, after 10 years of working, he finally entered Sacred Heart Major Seminary in the fall of 2008.

Since Fr. Tim never went to college, he had to begin at the bottom, in the College 1 class (college freshman).  His time in seminary was wonderful, and he is truly thankful for it.  Fr. Tim studied four years in the undergraduate program, earning his Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy in 2012.  That was followed by four years of graduate theology studies, earning both a Master’s in Divinity (MDiv) and a Baccalaureate in Sacred Theology (STB) in 2016.

With thanks and praise to God, Fr. Tim was ordained a priest on May 14, 2016 by Archbishop Vigneron at Blessed Sacrament Cathedral.  It was a joyous day, and the most incredible event of his life. 

Fr. Tim said he is grateful that St. Hugo was his first priestly assignment.  He wanted to express his gratitude for the warm welcome, the kind words of encouragement, the opportunity to get to know so many parishioners by working together, and to learn from so many.

Fr. Tim will begin his new assignment at St. Lawrence Parish in Utica next weekend, June 30-July1.  He asks for your prayers, and he wants to assure you that he will be praying for you.  He said: “St. Hugo will have a special place in my heart!”