Email Scam Alert


Over the past two weeks, St. Hugo parishioners and staff have been targeted by scammers who are attacking many dioceses across the U.S. The scam works as follows:

  1.  Individuals receive an email from what appears to be Msgr. Anthony M. Tocco, with a subject  like “Bless you Mary.”   In the body of the email “Fr. Tony” asks if you can do a favor for him and email him back.
  2. If you do email him back, he will ask you to send iTunes gift cards to help a friend who has cancer. 

If you look closely at these scam emails you will see:

  1. Even though it appears that the email is coming from Msgr. Anthony M. Tocco, it is not coming from his actual email account, it is coming from a account (not from account).
  2. There are other tips that this is a scam:  Does Fr. Tony ever email you personally to ask a for a favor?   Why would a person with cancer want iTunes gift cards? Are all the words spelled correctly?


If you receive a suspicious email that appears to be coming from Fr. Tony, or another staff member, and it is asking for something that does not seem right, please call the parish office to confirm at 248-644-5460.  It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Here is an example of an email you may receive. 

Follow this link to an article about the widespread nature of this scam.

It’s important that we all look closely at the emails we receive.  Scammers are increasingly creative in their approach towards getting us to engage in their scams.  Unfortunately, we really have to step back and review/study the emails we receive, even those emails we receive from those most familiar to us. 
Here’s a link to more tips on recognizing and avoiding email scams. 


Thank You!
Brian Bartkowiak

Parish Business Manager