Construction Phases

UPDATE: Due to a delay in Marsh Construction being able to get a construction fence, the north entrance will NOT be closed this weekend.
Construction fencing will be put in place Wednesday, August 22.
Marsh Construction apologizes for any confusion this will create.

The beginning stages of our Stairway Construction Project are underway. Phase 1 of the project will mean the north entrance stairway will be closed and will affect parking. This will start the weekend of August 18-19 and is expected to last until October 2018. Golf carts will be available for those needing assistance.




Here's a view of the exit / entry plan for the church while the stairs construction project is occurring.  

During phase 1, the north entrance to the church will be closed, therefore everyone must use one of the other entrances / exits.  The main entrance / exits during phase 1 are: the south stairway entrance, the west entrance (near the parish hall) and the east handicap entrance.   It is expected that phase 1 will last until the end of October.


  • The north entrance will still be open for the Aug. 15 Holy Day Masses.
  • Starting August 18-19, the north entrance will closed and alternative entrances will need to be used:
    • the Opdyke handicap entrance
    • the bell tower south stairs, and
    • the new stairs by the parish hall kitchen
  • We will have two golf carts and they will be used to transport those needing assistance to the entrance near the parish hall kitchen


During phase 2, the south entrance to the church will be closed, with all other entrances / exits available. For more information, please email and stay tuned to for the latest updates.