CSA 2019


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Our faith, our time, our family, our friends. These are the gifts we cherish most. In order to enrich these gifts which God has given us, we need to come together and help one other.  Through donations to campaigns such as the Catholic Services Appeal (CSA), donations to the Sunday offering, volunteering in lay ministries, participating in worship programs and other activities we are all able to contribute to a community that accepts all of our offerings as valuable and important. The St. Hugo parish community appreciates and understands the significance which each and every contribution makes. This year, our CSA campaign will take place during Lent so that it can be at the core of our three Lenten imperatives of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving.  Therefore, we have launched the 2019 CSA campaign earlier than in previous years.

With our CSA target the lowest it has been in years, we have a unique opportunity. Since every dollar we raise over and above our CSA target stays tax-free with the parish (avoiding the 7.5% Archdiocese assessment), we have the amazing potential to raise substantial funds for our parish and school. The Parish Finance Council has decided that all CSA overage amounts will be allocated as follows: 75% toward the restoration, reconfiguration, and/or expansion of the school, and 25% for church and other campus repairs. 

There is excitement about enhancing the future of our school building for the children attending St. Hugo School and our Religious Education program. Our goal is to bring the Word and teachings of Jesus Christ in a safe and caring environment. For that reason, we thank you for considering a contribution to the 2019. Catholic education is at the very heart of our Catholic mission.  And our parish school has been a jewel of our parish community for 79 years. St. Hugo School and our Religious Education program provide students with a strong education rooted in the foundations of the Catholic Church.  Every day, our children learn that God is present and active in their lives and in the world around them. They are taught to recognize the “footprints of God” in their daily experiences, especially as they face life’s challenges. They develop a sense of “sacramental awareness,” and are sent out into the world entrusted with the fullness of faith and charged to share the gifts they have received. Our graduates are commissioned to help the broader community be the best it can be. They are ambassadors for Christ as they go into the world and Unleash the Gospel.  

The easiest way to make a CSA pledge is to visit the CSA online giving site:  sthugo.aodcsa.org 

We also encourage anyone who wants to donate their time to help in a Religious Education classroom, to be a Eucharistic Minister or Usher, to help with Funeral Ministry, to serve with the Altar Guild, or welcome people into every mass by being a Greeter, to contact us at info@sthugo.org. We are only a community if everyone takes an active part.