St. Hugo School Construction

St. Hugo School Construction: Phase 1


The school building renovation project is complete!

Last week we passed the final state fire marshal inspection and state building inspection.  Final clean-up is now occurring, furniture is being moved, and staff members are beginning to get comfortable in  their new spaces.  Additionally, the maintenance team is busy preparing the rest of the building for the first day of school.

The renovation provides:

  • A new location for the school office, at the south end of the building, with a check-in window for all visitors to the school building
  • A new pre-school classroom just north of the new office location
  • A new kindergarten classroom, where the office used to be located
  • A new location for the band room, where the art room used to be.

A special thanks to Marsh Construction for managing the renovation project and making sure it was completed on time.

Additionally, due to the sewer line back-up we experienced in May, the lower level hallway floor was replaced this summer with new tile.


We are reaching the home stretch of the construction project.  Here are some details:

  • All masonry work is complete
  • A majority of the painting is complete, with only finishing touch-ups to go
  • Electrical work is being completed this week
  • Outside windows have been installed and we are awaiting installation of the internal check-in window
  • Flooring is being installed at the end of this week with the work carrying into the beginning of next week
  • Classroom smart boards have been installed. 

We are making good progress on the school construction project.  The brick and block work is almost complete (creating new window / door openings and filling in others), the rough carpentry work has been completed, plumbing and electrical inspections have passed, painting has started, and all of the fire alarm, sound system, lighting, and access control work is on schedule.  Work on the ceiling grids will start this week.

The school summer construction project has commenced in full force!  A group of parents, staff and the St. Hugo maintenance team moved all furniture and equipment from the band room and office on June 6th and 7th.   Thank you to all who participated.

On June 10th, Marsh Construction began the demolition work which is necessary to prepare for the transition of the band room to the main office and a pre-K classroom, and the transition of the old office into a Kindergarten classroom.