Parish Organizations and Services


Volunteers, using the honor system, commit to spending one hour at the same time each week in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament reserved in the Tabernacle. This personal worship of the Eucharist during a holy hour draws us into a deeper  appreciation of Christ’s presence and helps us to grow in a more loving relationship with the Lord. Scheduled adorers and those making visits express ongoing prayers of adoration, thanksgiving, reparation and petition. The stone chapel is open from 6:00 AM until 9:00 PM daily.  On the first Tuesday of each month, we have Adoration following the 8:30 AM Mass up until 7:30 PM.  The Blessed Sacrament is exposed during this time. Weekday mornings following the 6:10 AM Mass the Blessed Sacrament is exposed until 7:00 AM. We welcome your participation.
Contact: Michael and Theresa Shea (248-334-7575)


The Adult Faith Formation Committee bears the responsibility to implement the goals and objectives that relate to adult formation and family life. The committee will implement the three major goals, the principles, and the six dimensions from the “Our Hearts Were Burning Within Us: A Pastoral Plan for Adult Faith Formation in the United States” by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. “Adult faith formation, by which people consciously grow in the life of Christ through experience, reflection, prayer and study, must be ’the central task in [this] catechetical enterprise,’ becoming ’the axis around which revolves the catechesis of childhood and adolescence as well as that of old age.’ This can be done specifically through developing in adults a better understanding of and participation in the full sacramental life of the Church. To make this vision a reality, we, as the Catholic bishops of the United States, call the Church in our country to a renewed commitment to adult faith formation, positioning it at the heart of our catechetical vision and practice”  (OHWB pp.5-6). The committee is advisory/consultative and operates on the principle of consensus.
Contact: Mitzi Bucchi (248-644-9138)


The St. Hugo Altar Guild is an organization open to all women of our parish. Our mission is to care for the altar and sanctuary and raise funds that provide assistance for approximately 20 charities serving the unborn to the senior citizens in the area. These funds are raised through our annual Rummage Sale in June and a Ladies Night Out in the fall. In May, we sponsor a Healing Mass and luncheon for our nursing home residents and homebound parishioners. We organize two blood drives each year and a clothing drive in the fall. Our social functions include meetings, luncheons, outreach programs and opportunities to create friendships in an atmosphere of Christian and Catholic spirit. There are also bridge and pinochle groups. We look forward to having you join us. Your membership dues go to help support the many charities that ask for our assistance.
2017 Altar Guild Presidents:  Joann Gordon (248-332-4816) and Diane Roelant (248-737-0114)


The Bridge League is sponsored by the Altar Guild. Duplicate and party bridge are offered. There is a nominal fee.
Contact: Laura Malik (248-626-7330)


The Pinochle League is sponsored by the Altar Guild. The group meets at 11:30 AM on the third Thursday of the month. There is a nominal fee.
Contact: Laura Malik (248-626-7330)


The Altar Guild sponsors two blood drives. These are held in June and November in the parish hall from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM. All who can are encouraged to participate.
Contact: Lisa Kozemchak (248-858-7866)


This program trains and schedules servers to assist the priest at Mass. All students in the fifth grade and up are eligible to participate in the server program (fourth grade servers by teacher recommendation only for school Masses. Schedules are e-mailed to each server and are published each week in the Sunday bulletin.
Contact: Phil Dailey (248-334-2101)
Staff Liaisons:  Mason Brown (248-425-9789)


On the third Friday of every month, six volunteers from St. Hugo of the Hills Parish help serve lunch at the Baldwin Soup Kitchen in Pontiac.  Please contact Tina Macdonell if interested in helping.                  Contact:  Tina Macdonell (248) 593-0735


Contact: School Office (248-642-6131)


Troop 1037, Boy Scouts of America, meets weekly during the school year in the parish school on Wednesdays from 7:15 to 8:00 PM. In addition, campouts, hikes or service projects are scheduled each month. During the summer, scouts enjoy camping  experiences at BSA Council Camps, and, for those who qualify, at Mackinac Island for a high adventure camping experience.
Contact: Bruce Calengor (248-651-7277)


The Catechetics Committee bears the responsibility to implement the goals and objectives of catechesis for the entire parish  community. “Catechesis follows upon evangelization and is that form of the ministry of the Word that builds upon the personal adherence to the Word and has as its purpose to make people’s faith living, conscious and active through the light of instruction.” (National Catechetical Directory, 32). The Committee consists of representatives from: catechists, Liturgy of the Word for children, MOMS, parents, and school religion teachers.  The Committee is advisory/consultive and operates on the principle of consensus.
Contact: Barbara Yugovich (248-283-2191)


This ministry coordinates and serves coffee and donuts to promote fellowship and community in the parish. “Coffee and Donuts,” which includes bagels and juice, is offered following most 8 AM, 10 AM and 12 Noon Masses between Labor Day and Memorial Day. Parishioners and visitors gather in the parish hall or on occasion in the gathering space. Volunteer servers are always welcome.
Contact: Cynthia Turchetti (248-829-0265)


St. Hugo of the Hills Cub Scout Pack 1037 is affiliated with the Detroit Area Council of Boy Scouts of America and open to all boys attending grades 1-5. Monthly pack meetings are attended by the Scout and his entire family. Weekly den meetings are attended by the scouts, their individual den leaders and parent helpers.
Pack leadership is provided by scouts’ parents who function as den leaders, committee members and directors of major activities such as Family Swim Night, Pinewood Derby, Family Roller Skating Night, the Fund-raiser and more.
Contact: Jeff Bruck (248-682-3855)


The Pre-Marriage Discovery Program is conducted by married couples in the parish for couples preparing for marriage at St. Hugo of the Hills Church. This program is an opportunity for engaged couples to hear married couples discuss experiences and insights from their own marriages. The engaged couples also have time for reflection and discussion. The commitment to this group is four Sundays per year.
Contact: Patty Sinta (248-644-5460)


The Eucharistic minister program at St. Hugo involves approximately 200 lay ministers who assist in the distribution of Communion at all of our Sunday liturgies and holy days. Participation in this ministry offers the individual ministers a very special means of participating in the Mass. We are always very eager to welcome new ministers to our ranks.
Contact: Callie and Tom Schmidt (248-334-6943)


Contact: Linda Clarke (248-641-1465)


Contact: Kevin A. Fanning (248-594-6709)


Members of the parish may request that a luncheon be served in the parish hall following a funeral of a family member. Luncheons can be arranged through the parish office.
Contact: Steven Mouton (248-644-5460)


We have a very active Girl Scout program at St. Hugo’s involving about one hundred girls. Girls in the 2nd and 3rd grades are Brownie Girl Scouts. Junior Girl Scouts are in the 4th and 5th grade. Girls in grades 6, 7 and 8 are Cadette Girl Scouts. The Girl Scout Program works to prepare our girls for contemporary living. We are striving to bring an awareness of the world around us to our girls. Helping those in need in our community and developing of every girl’s individual potential, talent and gifts are some of our goals. The girls sell nuts in the fall and cookies in the spring to finance their programs. Activities include a Scout Mass, Father-Daughter Dance, camping, community service projects, field trips and craft projects.
Contact: Mary Pardi (248-626-0678) or Cathy Grace (248-332-6188)


Contact:  Stephanie Spinale (248-644-5460, ext. 2202)


The Ladies of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul, Oakland County Association, Clothes Closet and Food Pantry (CCFP) is located on the beautiful grounds of St. Hugo of the Hills and provides emergency food, clothing, and nursery and household items to those in need, particularly in Oakland County, without regard to race or religious affiliation. Referrals from bona fide social service agencies are accepted. The CCFP is staffed by approximately 100 individuals who volunteer their time and talent on various days of the week. Volunteers receive, sort, size, stock and fill requests for food and clothing and/or household items for needy families, as submitted by social service agencies. The majority of our clothing and household items are donated by generous donors. Nonperishable food donations are also received regularly from individuals, schools and various parishes in our area. Shortfalls in these supplies are stocked by purchases of new goods and food, afforded through the generous support of our benefactors. A large portion of financial support is provided by St. Hugo Christian Service, St. Hugo Altar Guild, Hunger Barrel, Ladies of Charity-Oakland County Association, and individual gifts, grants and checks designated to the CCFP. The operation is housed in the southern half of the building located between the main church and the school.

The hours for accepting phone calls and working with agencies are on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 9-12 noon.  Donations are not accepted during these hours. 

Please call the CCFP for the current information about our donation drop off schedule.  The CCFP is closed the month of July.

Emergency calls for food are handled whenever the need arises. New volunteers are always welcome. The telephone number at the CCFP is 248-646-0920.
Contact: Charlene Krupitzer (248-646-0920)


Contact: School Office (248-642-6131)


The ministry of lector involves proclaiming the Word of God to His people at Masses and other liturgies. Lectors also serve as commentators, who read the Prayers of the Faithful and announcements. This ministry is ideally suited for those who have a love for God’s Word and a gift for public speaking. You are welcome to join this ministry.
Contact: Cecelia Kelley (248-561-1785)


The St. Hugo Parish Library is open for about 20 minutes following the Sunday 8:00 AM, 10:00 AM and 12:00 Noon Masses. In its thirteenth year, it has thousands of current books, CDs and DVDs for adults and their families. All items are available to be checked out by our parishioners. All checkouts require the assistance of one of our twelve volunteer librarians (or a librarian’s family member who is assisting in the library). If you would like a recommendation or have questions, or if you are interested in becoming a librarian, please contact Carol Cousineau.
Contact: Carol Cousineau (248-335-8353)


Contact: Diane Fagelman (248-739-0784) or Linda Seng (248-770-5839)


The Light of God Charismatic Prayer Group was started at St. Hugo’s in 1978. The Charismatic Renewal is an extension of the charismatic nature of the early Catholic Church and was inspired by the Holy Spirit through a group of students and professors at a retreat in 1967 at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. Some feel that the renewal was inspired by Vatican II when Pope John the XXIII prayed for a New Pentecost. The vision of the Charismatic Renewal is a Renewed Catholic Church through the renewal of its people by the power of the Holy Spirit: that the Holy Spirit will be better understood and relied on, and the people of God will seek and manifest the gifts of the Holy Spirit especially the Pauline gifts as presented by Paul in Romans 12:3-8, 1 Corinthians 12:1-11 and 27-31 and Ephesians 4:1-14. This vision will be achieved through (1) a weekly prayer meeting, (2) Life In The Spirit seminars, (3) Growth in The Spirit seminars, (4) guest speakers and (5) active ministry of intercessory prayer for the parish and individuals as requested. Those involved in the prayer group are encouraged to be involved in other parish ministries. All are cordially invited to join us Monday evenings at 7:30 PM for our weekly prayer meeting in the Father Esper Room. “Come and see” John 1:39.
Contact: Marge Dilley (248-338-9533)


Contact: Eileen Ball (248-333-0419)


Liturgy of the Word for children is a scripture/homily worship experience for children ages 4 through first grade and runs from October through mid-May at the 10:00 AM Sunday Mass. Participating children are called forward to the foot of the altar by the priest-presider just prior to the First Reading. The adult leaders then lead the children out of the sanctuary space to a separate area where they can experience the readings of the day. This worship (not classroom) experience stresses the liturgical season and the Gospel message of the day in an age-appropriate setting, as suggested by the Vatican Document “Directory for Masses with Children.”
Contact: Barbara Yugovich (248-283-2191)


The Constitution on Sacred Liturgy states, “The musical tradition of the church is a treasure of inestimable value, greater than that of any other art. A liturgical service takes on a nobler aspect when the rites are celebrated with music, the sacred ministers take their parts and the faithful actively participate.” The music program at St. Hugo’s welcomes all who wish to share their musical talents in one of the many offerings it provides. You are welcome to join one of the choirs: Liturgical Choir, Children’s Choir, Jubilate!, Cantors, or the Handbell Choir. Singers and instrumentalists who would like to become part of the music ministry should contact the Director of Music or the Music Associate through the parish office.
Contact: John Sittard or Mitchell Garcia (248-644-5460)


Contact: Patty Sinta (248-644-5460)


Meetings: Third Tuesday of Month, 7:00 to 8:00 AM
The primary purpose of the St. Hugo’s men’s group is to facilitate monthly interaction among like-minded parish men about our lives and personal faith journeys, becoming more comfortable discussing our faith and getting to know Jesus Christ through casual, reflective conversations. All men are welcome regardless of ge. We are not a club or a Bible study group. We do not gather to discuss sports or other customary “guy topics.” We come with open hearts and begin each meeting with a Fatherly Blessing invoking the Holy Spirit to descend upon us and guide us to become “better versions of ourselves.” Allow your soul to be receptive to His Grace, commit the small effort required and show up before work one morning a month. There is no cost or obligation involved. We simply extend a warm invitation to have you join us over some fresh coffee and bagels one day a month. To add your name to our email list, please leave your contact information with the parish office.
Contact: Dan Paton (248-701-4143)


Contact: John Sittard or Mitchell Garcia (248-644-5460)


Under the direction of Fr. Joseph, parish volunteers take Holy Communion to those at the Woodward Hills Nursing Home every Monday morning. Fr. Joseph celebrates Mass at the Woodward Hills Nursing Home on the last Monday of each month. This service has been provided by generous people for many years. Contact: Toni Najor (248-931-9206 or 


Contact: Steven Mouton (248-644-5460)


Contact: Lee Redman, Council Chair (248-977-5800)


St. Hugo of the Hills Religious Education Program provides faith formation for children from Preschool through Grade 8. Classes are offered once a week in an after-school format, beginning in late-September or early-October and running through mid-May. Preparation for the reception of sacraments is incorporated into the program. First Reconciliation and First Eucharist are celebrated in Grade 2, while Confirmation is celebrated in Grade 8.  Contact: Religious Education Office (248-642-6062)


Contact: Sr. Barbara Rund, OP (248-644-5460)


Sacristan is a ministry for baptized and confirmed men and women who serve at Funeral Masses. Their duties are preparing the Eucharistic vessels, priest’s vestments, Lectionary, Sacramentary and the Altar and assisting the priest before, during and after the Mass. All volunteers receive a one-hour training session in preparation for their ministry.
Contact: Kathleen Juriga (248-229-9116)

SACRISTANS – Infant Baptism

Sacristan is a ministry for baptized and confirmed men and women who serve at the celebration of Infant Baptism. Their duties are preparing the baptismal font, oil, towels, certificates, candles; seating of the families and assisting the priest or deacon before, during and after the celebration of Baptism. All volunteers receive training in preparation for their ministry.
Volunteers are welcome!  Contact:  Stephanie Spinale (248-644-5460, ext. 2202)

SACRISTANS - Sunday and Weekday

Sacristan is a ministry for baptized and confirmed men and women who serve at weekday and weekend Masses. Their duties are preparing the Eucharistic vessels, priest’s vestments, Lectionary, Sacramentary and the Altar and assisting the priest before, during and after the Mass. All volunteers receive a one-hour training session in preparation for their ministry.
Contact: Tom Bowen (248-227-8196)


Wedding Sacristans prepare for and assist at the wedding Mass, in addition to aiding and directing the bridal party (bride, groom, attendants, others, etc.). All volunteers receive training in preparation for their ministry. Volunteers are welcome!
Contact: Eileen Ball (248-333-0419)


St. Hugo of the Hills School, junior kindergarten through grade eight, was founded in 1940. As a Catholic school, its 44 faculty members are dedicated to the communication of Christian values as well as academic excellence. Besides a strong basic program, an enrichment program of art, instrumental music, drama, computer, Spanish and physical education is offered to students. Facilities include a well-equipped gymnasium, cafeteria, library, band room, art room, science lab, computer lab and counselor’s office. Enrollment information can be obtained by calling the school office, 248-642-6131, during school hours.


This is an organization functioning to promote good rapport among the people concerned with the parish school. The PTG also gives support to various school-oriented activities and projects. Board meetings are held six times a year and are open to all parents. In addition, various PTG committees sponsor interim activities projects.
President: Lorry and John Schwegman (248-642-6131)


The Serra Club is an organization of Catholic laypersons whose purposes are (1) to foster vocations to the priesthood and religious life and (2) to help each member grow in his or her faith. The club strives to attain these goals through prayer, education and special programs aimed at helping those called by God to the ordained and/or vowed ministry to respond to His call. The club meets twice each month, on the first and third Tuesday, at the Jesuit Manresa Retreat House on Quarton Road. Each meeting includes Mass, dinner and a speaker or panel presenting a subject of interest and challenge to Catholics. Membership is open to all Catholic laypersons, and guests are welcome to attend meetings.
Contact: Jim Pontius (248-647-3873)


The Society of St. Vincent de Paul here at St. Hugo is a Catholic Lay organization that helps the poor and those in temporary need.  We are a person to person Catholic ministry that sees the face of Christ in the faces of those who are suffering. Jesus said, "The poor will be with us always". They are found not only in the inner cities.  They are also right here within the boundaries of St. Hugo Parish. Put into action your Catholic faith and serve those who are in need of your help.
Contact: St. Vincent de Paul help line (248-283-2204) 


Contact: Michael Miller (248-412-3083) Email


Contact: Mary Ellen Netter (248-885-8034)


Contact: LuAnne Mellis (248-646-4962)


Contact: Dalia Dimock (248-322-5622)


Membership in the Ushers Club is open to all members of the parish. The purpose of the Users Club is to fulfill the duties associated with church services as directed by the pastor and to participate in any other parish activities as agreed upon by the members at the regular meetings. Business meetings, which are announced in the St. Hugo Herald, are held when necessary with the annual banquet and election of officers occurring in May.
Contact: Michael Miller (248-412-3083)   Email


The parishes of the Detroit Archdiocese are arranged in regional groupings called vicariates. The purpose in establishing these vicariates was to make possible greater cooperation among the parishes of a given area and to provide a “middle ground” of communication between the individual parish and the archdiocese. The Vicariate Pastoral Council is composed of all the parishes in the area of the vicariate, the vicar, two Parish Pastoral Council members from each parish in the vicariate, as well as representatives of central schools and other Catholic institutions within the area of the vicariate. A chairperson of the vicariate, a vicar, is elected from among the priests and by vote of the Vicariate Council. The vicar has the responsibility for coordinating different activities within the vicariate and attending regular meetings with the other vicars at the diocesan level. St. Hugo of the Hills Church is a member of the South Oakland Vicariate.
Contact: Nancy Lentini (248-332-4747)


The Second Vatican Council teaches that the task of fostering vocations belongs to the entire Christian community. This responsibility needs to be embraced by everyone in the parish. In the spirit of the Second Vatican Council, the Vocation Committee takes the lead in shepherding the whole parish in this responsibility, reminding parish members of every age and experience to be involved in calling forth the next generation of Church leaders. Families for Vocations is an organization to teach the importance of the family as the domestic church where parents provide an environment favorable to and encourage religious vocations to their children. We encourage and sponsor vocation awareness in parish and school sponsor programs and activities.
Contact: Heather Peres-DaSilva (248-334-4533)


The Wedding Rehearsal Coordinators are a group of dedicated volunteers who conduct the wedding rehearsals with the bride, groom, wedding party and parents. The coordinators rehearse the wedding procession, readings, lighting of the unity candle, and wedding Mass/service, etc. with the entire wedding party in preparation for the actual wedding ceremony. The wedding rehearsal is usually scheduled a day or two prior to the wedding date.
Contact: Patty Sinta (248-644-5460)


Contact: Thomas Bowen (248-227-8196)


Youth Ministry at St. Hugo of the Hills Parish is designed to welcome and actively involve young people in the life of the parish community and to help them respond to and live out their baptismal call. Youth Ministry utilizes the eight components outlined in the document, Renewing the Vision, from the United States Catholic Bishops. Young people are provided opportunities to learn and grow in their faith through catechesis, community building, prayer and worship, and weekend retreats and by engaging in service. Young people are highly encouraged to receive the training to become lectors, commentators, and Eucharistic ministers at the parish and to consider how their gifts and talents may be used in other areas of parish life. In addition to parish-sponsored opportunities, the young people are encouraged to participate in vicariate, archdiocesan and national programs.


Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in the Chapel

Adult Faith Formation Committee

Altar Guild

Altar Guild Bridge League

Altar Guild Pinochle League

Altar Guild Red Cross Blood Drive

Altar Servers          

Baldwin Soup Kitchen

Booster Club

Boy Scouts

Catechetics Commission

Coffee and Donuts

Cub Scouts

Engaged Couples 

Eucharistic Ministers

Evangelization Committee

Finance Council

Funeral Luncheons

Girl Scouts

Infant Baptism Preparation

Ladies of Charity Clothes Closet



Life Issues Committee

Light of God Prayer Group

Linens and Albs

Liturgy of the Word for Children

Marriage Preparation

Men's Group

Music Ministry - Choirs

Parent-Teacher Guild (PTG)

Parish Coordinator of Events

Parish Pastoral Council

Religious Education

Rite of Christian Initiaion of Aduts (RCIA)

Sacristans - Funerals

Sacristans - Infant Baptism

Sacristans - Sunday and Weekday

Sacristans - Wedding


Society of St. Vincent de Paul

Stewardship Commission

Ushers Club

Vicariate Pastoral Council

Vocations Committee

Wedding Rehearsal Coordinators

Worship Commission

Youth Ministry