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Please click on the link above to fill out the electronic form with your musical selections.  Once this form is submitted, John or Mitchell will confirm receipt.  

Most selections are available to listen to here before you make your decision. 

Other selections, not listed on this form, might also be appropriate and can be included in the ceremony.   Please indicate these selections in the "notes" section at the bottom of the form. If you have questions, please contact the music staff.   Most instrumental selections may be found on YouTube or iTunes.  These selections can also be played for you by one of the staff musicians.

The Wedding Liturgy

On the occasion of a wedding day, there is shared a solemn, life-long promise, a covenant with each other and with God, witnessed by God's people, friends and relatives. The wedding ceremony is to be planned as a memorable and joyful religious experience for all. 

That solemn promise is witnessed in a special, holy place - the parish church. All plans and preparations give honor to the occasion, that unique moment in life. Since all else is carefully chosen and planned, one would want to be just as careful and particular in the choice of texts and music within the wedding liturgy. Welcome the assistance of your parish priests and musicians in this regard. 

Everyday love songs might not be appropriate in a ceremony celebrating Christian love. But the ceremony should support and confirm the couples shared love. 

The Church also loves, and, out of this love asks that there be a high regard for this precious moment and that consideration be given for choices of texts and music in the light of proposed guidelines. When these are followed, faith is expressed and the wedding liturgy is enhanced as an act of worship. 

There is much beautiful and exciting music speaking of God and Christ in married life, of the holiness, joy and beauty of marriage, of the Christian significance of the special day. Before choosing music, learn all the possibilities. Plan the wedding liturgy far in advance, just as we prepare all other aspects of the wedding celebration. To do this means a more joyful, faith-filled expression of Christian love. 

Music For Your Wedding

Weddings are a wonderful experience here at St. Hugo. It gives us a chance to share in the celebration of your marriage to each other. In order to assist you, we have put together some guidelines to help with your planning. As always, we are available to answer any questions you may have.

As with all liturgies at St. Hugo of the Hills, the Church Music Office wants and needs to play an important role in the planning of the liturgical music for your wedding. The church organists, John Sittard or Mitchell Garcia, who will be responsible for the organ music at your wedding, will be glad to assist you in answering any questions you may have regarding your music.  It is important to note that, due to the sacredness of the occasion and setting, music whose text does not reference God is not appropriate and therefore we cannot use it before, during or after your wedding. (Standard classical instrumental music is usually exempt from this). 

Since sung prayer is of great importance in Catholic liturgy and because of the specialized training and knowledge of procedures required, a cantor from St. Hugo's will lead all sung liturgical music selections, in particular the Responsorial Psalm, Gospel Acclamation, parts of the Mass (when the liturgy is a Mass), as well as solo pieces appropriate to the occasion. If there is a friend or relative who would like to sing for the liturgy, they are most welcome to sing one or two selections during the liturgy. Rehearsal time is available one hour prior to the liturgy. In accordance with the Church's liturgical documents, pre-recorded music is not permitted.

Also, because of the large number of difficult experiences with outside musicians, we strongly recommend that all instrumentalists be liturgically trained at the church, and have experience making music at St. Hugo. Using musicians who are used regularly here at St Hugo's will be of great benefit to you also as there will be less rehearsal time, saving you extra charges. The church organists have a very complete list of musicians who have had such training and experience here at St. Hugo. The list offers a very wide range of outstanding local musicians including, but not limited to, classical guitar, string players, trumpet players, flautists, and vocal and instrumental ensembles. We only use very good musicians who have played in the Symphony, Opera or other top-venue sites. You should have no problem selecting music and musicians appropriate to the liturgy, under the guidance of the church organists. 

Fee Schedule (fees must be paid at least 48 hours prior to the wedding)

Organist: $300       Cantor: $200       Additional Instrumentalists: $200/musician 
                                                     (there will likely be an additional charge for harpists)


Due to Covid-19, programs are not recommended at this time.  If programs are desired, one person should be designated to hand out the programs (usually an usher/ groomsman).  They must wear a mask and gloves to hand out programs.

Wedding Worship Aid Templates    

The templates below will help you to create a worship aid/program for the wedding liturgy (both Mass and Ceremony.  Please include all information listed.

Template for Wedding Mass

Template for Wedding Ceremony




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