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August 2022

Aug 17

Remembering Luke Mechmann and those with addictions

By: Kathryn Jean Lopez “You are closer to Luke in the Eucharist than you were to him on earth. Jesus is holding him by the hand and you by the other.” The parish priest at St. Barnabas was preaching at the homily of a young man who died of a drug overdose. Luke had just gone to confession the weekend before he died and received the...
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Aug 15

Amid grief and loss, long-term recovery is on horizon for eastern Kentucky

By: Marnie McAllister (CNS) Mother of Good Counsel Church in Hazard, Kentucky, tolled its bell as Mass ended Aug. 7, while parishioners named a litany of communities devastated by deadly flooding at the end of July. The Mass began with a candle lighting in memory of the 37 confirmed deaths when floodwaters swept away whole communities in eastern...
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Aug 12

Opening the Word: Christian peace differs from the worldview

By: Father Joshua J. Whitfield A strange peace, undoubtedly. It’s a peace that’s disruptive. It’s strange because that’s not how we normally think of peace. Usually, we think peace is the absence of conflict, thinking it a sort of calm, always affable, serenity. Where there is peace, there are no quarrels, certainly no...
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Aug 10

Imagine a world where states and women’s care centers worked together

By: Our Sunday Visitor Editorial Board For nearly 50 years, members of the pro-life movement found themselves trying to convince anyone and everyone who would listen that the Supreme Court’s decision to make abortion a constitutionally protected right was wrong. For decades, they pleaded for lawmakers to respect the dignity of the unborn,...
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Aug 8

The American Catholic problem today

By: Msgr. Owen F. Campion Threats to the vitality of the Church in Europe 70 years ago, in large part prompting the Second Vatican Council, have come to America. Anywhere, fervent discipleship always has been the less traveled road. Human nature creates hurdles and detours. The Church is obligated to bring Christ to humankind, as best as it can,...
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Aug 5

Opening the Word: A response of faith

By: Catherine Cavadini This Sunday’s readings are all rooted in the story of Abraham. In Chapters 12-22 of Genesis, Abraham is presented as a man of great faith, the golden thread of the readings this Sunday. Abraham’s faith transformed him into the patriarch of Israel, and his name, Abraham, or Avrahim, means “father of...
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Aug 3

When God opens doors

By: Scott P. Richert When a door opens before you, do you walk through? I’m not talking about metaphorical doors, but actual physical doors. Maybe the kind that are triggered by a sensor, or perhaps are opened by a kindly or polite person. Like me, you’ve probably had the experience of not intending to walk through a door, but once...
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Aug 1

Catholics rally in support of Michigan pro-life center after vandalism

By: Karla Dorweiler When Mary Wilkerson drove past offensive signs in the front yard of a home in late June, she was angry. Not just because her children were in the car, but because the signs felt hateful to her. Evil. The vulgar signs included profanities toward God and objectionable language about women’s bodies as a way to show dissent...
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