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January 2022

Jan 14

Opening the Word: We are all invited to the wedding feast of the Lamb

By: Father Joshua J. Whitfield Our readings still echo Epiphany. The wedding at Cana belongs, as we’ve seen, to the tria miracula of the season, alongside the visit of the Magi and the baptism of Jesus, which we’ve already celebrated. Clearly, the Church wants us to dwell upon all these mysteries, still lingering in the...
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Jan 13

Opening the Word:

By:     This article comes to you from Our Sunday Visitor courtesy of your parish or diocese.
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Jan 12

Omicron response: Some Catholic colleges, universities online a few weeks

By: Carol Zimmermann WASHINGTON (CNS) — In response to the current spike in COVID-19 cases across the United States due to the omicron variant, many colleges and universities have changed plans for the spring semester — making much of January, or even just a few weeks of it, a back-to-virtual learning experience. Some Catholic...
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Jan 10

Be proud of the Catholic American legacy

By: Msgr. Owen F. Campion Catholics may feel defensive these days. The current debate about legalized abortion, now under review by the U.S. Supreme Court, and the Catholic Church’s longstanding respect for unborn human life, put Catholics on the target board for persons who want abortion on demand. The clergy sex abuse scandal has...
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Jan 7

Opening the Word: On Jordan’s banks

By: Catherine Cavadini In this Sunday’s Gospel, Luke brings us to the edge of the Jordan River, where John is baptizing all those who wish to repent and begin a new life. Indeed, Luke says that “everyone” is coming — “crowds” of people are seeking to be baptized. As the passage in Luke 3 unfolds, we learn that...
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Jan 5

Colorado family finds hope in Mary statue largely untouched by wildfire

By: Dennis Sadowski Amid the smoldering ashes of his family’s recently remodeled Louisville, Colorado, home that was destroyed by a Dec. 30 wildfire, Tom Greany found hope in a symbol of his deep Catholic faith. A statue of Mary that he and his wife Kat had placed outside their home was left unscathed except for the soot that covered its...
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Jan 3

What do we know of Jesus’ hidden years?

By: Msgr. Charles Pope Question: To my understanding of Scripture, nothing is mentioned about Jesus’ life as a youth, pre-teen, young adult, etc. Certainly we know of his glorious birth, passionate death and triumphant resurrection, but is there any documentation of how he spent his early formative years? — Kristin R., West...
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