St Hugo Student Parish Video Project

St. Hugo Eighth Grade Students were assigned a project

to create a video highlighting the art of the parish.

A new video will be featured here regularly.
So be sure to come back and view these wonderful productions!

2016-2017 8th grade

Video by:



Kate C. and Avery W.


Kanzi A. and Sophia S.


Christine A.


Claire J. and Charlie N.


Mary Clare A. and Mary Ellen B.



Brady H. and Merian A.


Carla H. and Caroline P.


Kathryn W. and Smith C.


Joseph S. and Evander P.

Ervin and Messano



Alec S. and Sean M.




Brooke D. and Sophia M.


Caitlin C. and DJ


Mary Clare S. And Mary Ellen B.


Maura M. and Nicholas H.



Caitlin D. and Evan W.


Marissa E. and Jake N.



Ariana K. and Michael R.